Instructional Practices Extended through March 4th -- 9-11 AM *due to snow make-up

Watkins Gym

Cloverhill, Evergreen, Gordon, Midlothian, Robious, Swift Creek, Weaver, Woodlake, Woolridge

Gates Gym

Crenshaw, Gates, Henning, Jacobs, Salem, Smith, Spring Run, Wells, M. Christian

Last Day to Practice - February 24th

Juniors and Seniors are permitted to practice through their tournament.

Minor and Intermediate Brackets Posted

Link to Minor and Intermediate Brackets


Junior A and B and Senior Brackets are posted

Attached are the brackets, game times and locations for the Junior and Senior tournaments.


Actual team seeding will be communicated Sunday evening.

Intermediate Elite Bracket

4 Seed Intermediate Elite Tournament 2017

Intermediate NCAA Bracket

7 Seed Intermediate NCAA Tournament 2017

Intermediate NIT Tournament 2017

8 Seeded Intermediate NIT Tournament 2017

Minor NCAA Bracket

10 Seeded Minor NCAA Final

Don’t Forget to Report Scores

The head coach, of the winning team, is responsible to report the score of each game they win to division commissioners by 6:00 PM Monday.  Failure to report scores will result in a forfeit.  Division commissioner contact information follows:

Minor Division – Diane Talley – (804) 378-9478

Intermediate – Ron Hicks –

Junior – Johnetta Steward – (804) 796-3933

Senior – Charles Ingram- (804) 586-7294


League Details

2016-2017 Coach's Handbook - Rules

Print and review CGBL rules and coaches handbook here.

Coaches Handbook 2016-2017 Chip

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