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Minors – Charles Ingram – – (804)586-7294

Intermediate – Vicki Clark – – (804)852-4002

Juniors & Seniors – Jerry Hernandez – – (804)709-9810

Instructional Practice Begins January 7, 2023 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

South at O.B. Gates Elementary

Clover Hill
Spring Run

North at J.B. Watkins Elementary

Old Hundred

Weather Closings

A non profit organization, the Chesterfield Girls Basketball League is currently providing nearly 1000 young female athletes with the opportunity to grow and enjoy life through the sport of basketball. The Chesterfield Girls Basketball League and its cooperating Athletic Associations are a means of building good sportsmanship, team building, character and developing skills that will last a lifetime.

Join us for the 2022-23 season and enjoy the sport like never before!

How to Join:

Our League is organized utilizing the Chesterfield County Elementary school System boundaries.  The associations handle all the registrations, fees for individual participation, establishing teams, player selection, etc.  To find a list of active associations, click the “Athletic Associations” tab at the top to find your districted elementary school.  If your school is not there, that means there is not active athletic association with us.  If your school does not have an association already playing with CBL, your player is considered a free agent and can play with the association of their choosing without a waiver.   Pricing, practice times, etc. will be determined by your association outside of allotted gyms and time blocks allowed. 




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