Minor Division



Ages 9-10 as of December 31st.

Division Specific Rules:

Quarters are 6 minutes in length, no 3pt shots

4.5.6. Minor Division Only.

(a.) Pressing in the backcourt will not be allowed on any inbound pass. Violations of this rule will result in a two (2) shot technical foul and possession of the ball. Repeated violations of this rule by a coach will be viewed as un-sportsmanlike behavior and will be dealt with accordingly.

(b.) Pressing is allowed during continuous play such as rebounds.

(c.) Pressing (full court) is allowed during the last minute of the fourth quarter and the last minute of the overtime period.

(d.) Foul line will be moved in three (3) feet from the regular foul line.

(e) Three players may line up on each side of the lane during free throw attempts.