Junior A Division

Ages 13-14 as of December 31st.

Division Specific Rules:

Quarters are 7 minutes in length
4.5.3. The Voting Representative of the respective Association will be prudent in selecting the Junior Division, “A” and/or “B” teams. No Junior “B” team will carry more than two
(2) Middle School, Y.B.O.A. or AAU players or a combination of the three.
4.5.4. Intermediate and Junior “A/B“ Format. The following guide lines will be followed when forming Intermediate and Junior teams.
(a) Associations with three ( 3) or more Y.B.O.A., AAU or Middle School players (competitive players) or a combination thereof will filled at least one (1) JR. “A” level team. If an association has more than three (3) competitive players and chooses to spread the players among different teams then each one of those teams will become JR. “A” teams regardless of the number of competitive players on the team.
(b) Associations failing to comply and attempting to field one JR. “A” level team, while placing competitive players on other teams will be considered and act of defiance and attempting to conceal competitive players for the purpose of self enrichment. The league will take immediate measures by whatever means necessary, i.e., player removal, probation for the coach, team, Voting Rep, or Association to the extent of issuing suspension.
(c) No “B” Junior team can have more than two (2) Y.B.O.A., AAU or Middle
School players.
(d) If an Association has more than one Junior level team and has more than two (2)
Y.B.O.A., AAU or Middle School players in either Division, that Association WILL
place all Y.B.O.A., AAU or Middle School players on the same team accordingly!
The only allowable division of such players will be between/among “A” level teams.